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Handmade Store: Samariah

Raised Card & Card Kits: Original Prints by Samariah

These cards are special! Take a look at my "Raised Print Cards". I create paintings and photographs that are printed and turned into beautiful cards. I take the printed cards and create raised layers using cut-outs of the underlying image.

This is done by cutting out aspects of of additional print images and layering these on top of the underlying image with glue squares until a desired layered look is achieved. The amount of additional prints for layering depends upon the images and how many layers work well for a particular image. In addition, most cards include other types of embellishments such as tiny beads, bead glitter, button, brads and/or ribbon.

One can either purchase a Finished Card or purchase a Create-A-Card-Kit and create the card one's self.
Valuable aspects of creating your own card Include, but is not limited to:

Each one is a special gift to someone or can be framed.
You will have all the materials to create a beautiful custom made card.
As you create your card(s) you will have the opportunity to add additional embellishments, if inspiration beyond the kit strikes!
You will be working with fine art images.
Lastly, you will save money!

It's your choice: To create one's own card from a *complete kit or order your card in a completed form. Either way, each card comes with an envelope ready for mailing.
* Tools such as scissors and needles are not provided as part of the kits. Each kit states what is included and what tools will be needed.

Take a look. These cards are beautiful!


All card images are copyrighted by Artist: Samantha Mariah Hall
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Handmade Store: Samariah

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