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Jewelry, Beadwork, Gemstones, Precious Metal

Jewelry, Beadwork, Gemstones, Precious Metal

Handmade Store: MithrilDreams

I am a stay at home mom/work at home mom. Before I stayed home, I was a computer tech, desktop support, and network engineer, water district billing supervisor, etc. I also started my own web design business after I left my last job. I started my own jewelry company about five years ago. You can view all my current creations here, my blog or on flickr.

The only thing I do technical these days is work on my computer. Most of the time I avoid that at all costs. Right now, I also am interested in making jewelry, Ribbons, photography, and reading many many different writers. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to shop and sell online. Since we got the fake TIVO from the cable company I have come to like CSI and too many other shows to name.

Right now most of my focus is on learning more complex jewelry. I make rings, necklaces, bracelets, and anything else that you can think of. I sell some of what I make. I was born in Bermuda but have lived in Texas most of my life. I'd love to live in Colorado someday :)
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Neon Chevron Bib Statement Necklace - Green
New! Neon Chevron Bib Statement Necklace - Green
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Handmade Store: MithrilDreams

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