Women's Gifts

Whether she is your mother, wife, sister, daughter, or a friend, she is an important woman in your life and you want to celebrate her with something special. Gifts for women can be jewelry, women's clothing, home decor and so much more. Whether for demure women, sexy mamas, and every type of woman in between, there is so much to choose from.
These gifts are ideal for Wife Appreciation Day.
T-shirt loop necklace -  black
New! T-shirt loop necklace - black
$8.00 USD
t-shirt loop necklace - blue & white
New! t-shirt loop necklace - blue & white
$8.00 USD
T-shirt loop necklace - blue & black
New! T-shirt loop necklace - blue & black
$8.00 USD
T-shirt necklace loops - Green & Gold
New! T-shirt necklace loops - Green &...
$8.00 USD
Yarn Necklace - Turquoise
New! Yarn Necklace - Turquoise
$8.00 USD
yarn necklace
New! yarn necklace
$8.00 USD
Blue 3"X2" Sachet-'Moonlight' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-407
Updated! Blue 3"X2" Sachet-'Moonlight'...
$3.50 USD
Gray 3"X2" Sachet-'Country Garden' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-613
Updated! Gray 3"X2" Sachet-'Country Garden'...
$1.00 USD
Shades of Blue Beaded Doily-6 inch Doily-4mm Beads-Cindy's Loft
Updated! Shades of Blue Beaded Doily-6 inch...
$13.00 USD
Blue 5"X2" Sachet-'Summer Meadow' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-225
Updated! Blue 5"X2" Sachet-'Summer Meadow'...
$5.00 USD
Christmas 5"X2" Sachet-'Christmas' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-261
Updated! Christmas 5"X2" Sachet-'Christmas'...
$5.00 USD
Christmas 4"X4" Gold Sachet-Hippy Christmas Fragrance-782
Updated! Christmas 4"X4" Gold Sachet-Hippy...
$8.50 USD
Christmas 5"X2" Sachet-'Old Fashioned Christmas' Fragrance-026
Updated! Christmas 5"X2" Sachet-'Old Fashioned...
$5.00 USD
Hand stamped - life is beautiful - necklace
Updated! Hand stamped - life is beautiful -...
$12.99 USD
Mini hand stamped in my heart forever necklace
Updated! Mini hand stamped in my heart forever...
$10.00 USD
Hand stamped - the best school bus driver - necklace
Updated! Hand stamped - the best school bus...
$12.99 USD
Christmas Ivory 3"X2" Sachet-'Christmas Blizzard' Scent-150
Updated! Christmas Ivory 3"X2"...
$3.50 USD
Christmas 4"X4" Sachet-Dicken's Christmas Scent-Cindy's Loft-986
Updated! Christmas 4"X4" Sachet-Dicken's...
$8.50 USD
Christmas Green 3"X2" Sachet-'Holiday Pomegranate' Fragrance-374
Updated! Christmas Green 3"X2" Sachet-'Holiday...
$1.00 USD
Christmas 5"X2" Green Sachet-'Christmas Dreams' Fragrance-481
Updated! Christmas 5"X2" Green...
$1.00 USD
TerraCotta 3"X2"Sachet-'Country Cupboard' Scent-Cindy's Loft-678
Updated! TerraCotta 3"X2"Sachet-'Country...
$3.50 USD
Harvest Orange 5"X5" Sachet-'Your Choice of Fragrance'-694
Updated! Harvest Orange 5"X5" Sachet-'Your...
$9.50 USD
Orange 3X2 Sachet-'Gramma's Kitchen' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-589
Updated! Orange 3X2 Sachet-'Gramma's Kitchen'...
$1.00 USD
Christmas 4"X2"Green Sachet-'Frosted Peak Tops' Scent-440
Updated! Christmas 4"X2"Green Sachet-'Frosted...
$4.50 USD
Christmas 4"X2" Red Sachet-'Christmas Song' Fragrance-138
Updated! Christmas 4"X2" Red Sachet-'Christmas...
$4.50 USD
Christmas Green 3"X2" Sachet-'Yuletide' Scent-Cindy's Loft-580
Updated! Christmas Green 3"X2"...
$1.00 USD
Christmas Red 4X4 Sachet-"Nutcracker Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-816
Updated! Christmas Red 4X4 Sachet-"Nutcracker...
$8.50 USD
Lavender 4"X4" Heart Sachet-'Orchid Rain' Scent-Cindy's Loft-210
Updated! Lavender 4"X4" Heart Sachet-'Orchid...
$8.50 USD
Lavender 3"X2" Sachet-'Lovely in Lace'(type) Fragrance-035
Updated! Lavender 3"X2" Sachet-'Lovely in...
$1.00 USD
Lavender 3X2 Sachet-'Flower Garden' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-031
Updated! Lavender 3X2 Sachet-'Flower Garden'...
$3.50 USD
Hand stamped free spirit necklace
Updated! Hand stamped free spirit necklace
$12.99 USD
Hand stamped hope necklace
Updated! Hand stamped hope necklace
$12.99 USD
Christmas Red 3"X2" Sachet-'Santa's Pipe' Scent-Cindy's Loft-503
Updated! Christmas Red 3"X2" Sachet-'Santa's...
$1.00 USD
Christmas 4"X2" Ecru Sachet-'Christmas Song' Fragrance-450
Updated! Christmas 4"X2" Ecru...
$1.00 USD
Christmas Red 3"X2" Sachet-'Victorian Christmas' Fragrance-485
Updated! Christmas Red 3"X2" Sachet-'Victorian...
$1.00 USD
Christmas Green 3"X2" Sachet-'Christmas Fantasy' Fragrance-458
Updated! Christmas Green 3"X2"...
$1.00 USD
Green 3X2 Sachet-'Violet Eyes'(type) Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-301
Updated! Green 3X2 Sachet-'Violet Eyes'(type)...
$1.00 USD
Amethyst and Swarovski Bracelet
Updated! Amethyst and Swarovski Bracelet
$30.00 CAD
Chunky Jade Bracelet
Updated! Chunky Jade Bracelet
$25.00 CAD
Mint Green and Crystal Beaded Necklace
Updated! Mint Green and Crystal Beaded Necklace
$19.00 CAD