Gifts for Mothers

These gifts are ideal for Mother's Day.
Luxury of Less Trendy Silver Gift Set for Women, Handmade Soaps
Luxury of Less Trendy Silver Gift Set for...
$25.00 USD
Cabled Teapot Cozy, Hand Knit 2 Cup Teapot Cozy, Red Teapot Cozy
Cabled Teapot Cozy, Hand Knit 2 Cup Teapot...
$15.00 USD
Crocheted Rag Rug - Round #116
Crocheted Rag Rug - Round #116
$45.00 CAD
Topaz 4"X4" Sachet-'Summer Splash' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-726
Topaz 4"X4" Sachet-'Summer Splash'...
$8.50 USD
Shadow Box Little Trinket Box with Latching Lid
Sale! 10% off. Shadow Box Little Trinket Box...
$3.60 USD
Lavender 4"X4" Heart Sachet-'Lavender Rose' Fragrance-554
Lavender 4"X4" Heart Sachet-'Lavender Rose'...
$8.50 USD
Yellow 3"X2" Sachet-'Three Flowers' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-668
Yellow 3"X2" Sachet-'Three Flowers'...
$3.50 USD
Turquoise 3"X2" Sachet-'Purple Rain' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-110
Turquoise 3"X2" Sachet-'Purple Rain'...
$3.50 USD
Blue 3"X2" Sachet-'Pineapple Bliss' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-180
Blue 3"X2" Sachet-'Pineapple Bliss'...
$3.50 USD
I Love You Mom: Red White Blue Luxury Soaps Mothers Day Gift Set
I Love You Mom: Red White Blue Luxury Soaps...
$18.00 USD
Star Tea Light Holder 5x5
Sale! 15% off. Star Tea Light Holder 5x5
$5.10 USD
Owl Bird Feeder- Red-Aluminum-Hanging
Sale! 10% off. Owl Bird Feeder-...
$6.30 USD
Pink 3"X2" Sachet-'Three Flowers' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-524
Pink 3"X2" Sachet-'Three Flowers'...
$3.50 USD
Rock-Natural Stone Painted with Plastic face
Rock-Natural Stone Painted with Plastic face
$5.00 USD
Covered Wagon "Always Kiss Me Goodnight"
Sale! 20% off. Covered Wagon "Always Kiss Me...
$14.40 USD
Owl-Ceramic-Hand Painted-Feathers-Planter/Pen-Pencil Holder
Sale! 20% off. Owl-Ceramic-Hand...
$9.60 USD
Green 3"X2" Sachet-'General Store' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-154
Green 3"X2" Sachet-'General Store'...
$3.50 USD
Orange 3"X2" Sachet-'Couture LaLa'(type) Scent-Cindy's Loft-272
Orange 3"X2" Sachet-'Couture LaLa'(type)...
$1.00 USD
Green-Beige Elegant Gift Set for Women: Soaps Handmade Necklace
Green-Beige Elegant Gift Set for Women: Soaps...
$25.00 USD
Multi-Coloured Heart Ribbon Personalized Bookmark
Multi-Coloured Heart Ribbon Personalized Bookmark
$8.00 CAD
Ivory 3"X2" Sachet-'Raspberry Lemonade' Scent-Cindy's Loft-614
Ivory 3"X2" Sachet-'Raspberry Lemonade'...
$4.50 USD
Green 3"X2" Sachet-'English Garden' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-254
Green 3"X2" Sachet-'English Garden'...
$3.50 USD
Ecru 3"X2" Sachet-'Amaretto Nog' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-654
Ecru 3"X2" Sachet-'Amaretto Nog'...
$3.50 USD
Ecru 3"X2" Sachet-'Spring Blossom' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-658
Ecru 3"X2" Sachet-'Spring Blossom'...
$3.50 USD
Ivory 3"X2" Sachet-'Citrus Pomegranate' Scent-Cindy's Loft-642
Ivory 3"X2" Sachet-'Citrus Pomegranate'...
$3.50 USD
Pink 4"X2" Sachet-'Lemon Tea' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-141
Pink 4"X2" Sachet-'Lemon Tea' Fragrance-Cindy's...
$2.00 USD
Cream Ecru Valentine Gift Pack Heart Red Luxury Scented Soaps
Cream Ecru Valentine Gift Pack Heart Red Luxury...
$18.00 USD
Turquoise 4"X4" Heart Sachet-'Desert Rose' Scent-598
Turquoise 4"X4" Heart Sachet-'Desert Rose'...
$8.50 USD
Turquoise 3"X2" Sachet-'Cranberry' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-223
Turquoise 3"X2" Sachet-'Cranberry'...
$3.50 USD
Pink 3"X2" Sachets-'Passion Fruit' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-618
Pink 3"X2" Sachets-'Passion Fruit'...
$3.50 USD
DKO logo tote bag
DKO logo tote bag
$45.00 CAD
Hope Necklace
Sale! 15% off. Hope Necklace
$18.30 CAD
Pink Doily-7.5 inch Doily-Cotton Doily-Cindy's Loft
Pink Doily-7.5 inch Doily-Cotton Doily-Cindy's...
$12.00 USD
Gray 3"X2" Sachet-'Country Garden' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-613
Gray 3"X2" Sachet-'Country Garden'...
$3.50 USD
Pink 3"X2" Sachet-'Raspberry Jasmine' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-635
Pink 3"X2" Sachet-'Raspberry Jasmine'...
$3.50 USD
Ecru 3"X2" Sachet-'Vanilla Blossoms' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-057
Ecru 3"X2" Sachet-'Vanilla Blossoms'...
$3.50 USD
Ivory 3"X2" Sachet-'Floral Bouquet' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-592
Ivory 3"X2" Sachet-'Floral Bouquet'...
$4.50 USD
Ivory 3X2 Sachet-'Aruba Coconut'(type)Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-060
Ivory 3X2 Sachet-'Aruba...
$3.50 USD
Pink 3"X2" Sachet-'Strawberry Cheesecake' Fragrance-144
Pink 3"X2" Sachet-'Strawberry Cheesecake'...
$3.50 USD
Green 3"X2" Sachet-'Spring Blossom' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-604
Green 3"X2" Sachet-'Spring Blossom'...
$3.50 USD