Bead, Jewelry

Afterglow Cufflet, Beaded Bracelet, Hand Beaded, Bead Weaving, Stacking Bracelets, Wooden, Golden Glass Beads, Vegan, Birthday Gift
New! Afterglow Cufflet, Beaded...
$25.00 USD
Mist Wrap Bracelet, Glass Beads, Bead Weaving, Hand Beaded, Vegan, Stacking Bracelets, Birthday Gift, Neutral, Double Wrap, Handmade
New! Mist Wrap Bracelet, Glass Beads,...
$22.00 USD
Meadow Cuff, Hand Beaded Cuff, Beaded Bracelet, Glass, Wood, Metal, Green, Handmade, Vegan, Colorful, Bead Weaving, Birthday Gift, Vacation
New! Meadow Cuff, Hand Beaded Cuff,...
$40.00 USD
Emerald Wrap Bracelet, Green Glass Beads, Turquoise, Aqua, Bead Weaving, Stacking Bracelet, Double Wrap, Vegan, Unisex Gift, Birthday Gift
New! Emerald Wrap Bracelet, Green...
$22.00 USD
Royal Bracelet, Hand Beaded, Bead Weaving, Blue, Cobalt, Black and Blue, Stacking Bracelet, Vegan Jewelry, Democratic, Patriotic
New! Royal Bracelet, Hand Beaded, Bead...
$16.00 USD
White Sand Braided Bracelet, Glass Beaded Bracelet, Beaded Cuff, Neutral, Nature Inspired, Vegan, Stacking Bracelet, Birthday Gift, Handmade
New! White Sand Braided Bracelet,...
$30.00 USD
Stained Glass Braided Bracelet, Hand Beaded Bracelet, Ornate, Colorful, Beaded Cuff, Vegan, Stacking Bracelet, Birthday Gift, Teacher Gift
New! Stained Glass Braided Bracelet,...
$30.00 USD
Lagoon Wrap Bracelet
New! Lagoon Wrap Bracelet
$22.00 USD
Silver Wrap Bracelet
New! Silver Wrap Bracelet
$32.00 USD
Sunset Macrame Bracelet, Gold and Burgundy, Rose Gold, Micro Macrame, Handmade, Vegan Jewelry, Stacking Bracelet, Friend Gift, Birthday Gift
New! Sunset Macrame Bracelet, Gold and...
$16.00 USD
Lichen Bracelet, Green Beaded Bracelet, Fire Polished, Stacking Bracelet, Handmade, Vegan, Bead Weaving, Micro Macrame, Unisex Jewelry
New! Lichen Bracelet, Green Beaded...
$16.00 USD
Wild Rose Earrings, Hand Forged, Rose Gold Beads, Handmade
New! Wild Rose Earrings, Hand Forged,...
$18.00 USD
Scarlet Braided Bracelet, Red and Silver, Fire Polished Beads, Handmade, Hand Beaded, Bead Weaving, Vegan, Birthday Gift, Friendship Gift
New! Scarlet Braided Bracelet, Red and...
$30.00 USD
Meadow Wrap Bracelet, Green Stone Beads, Handmade, Hand Beaded, Double Wrap, Stacking Bracelet, Vegan Jewelry, Unisex Bracelet, Birthday
New! Meadow Wrap Bracelet, Green Stone...
$22.00 USD
Cleo Cuff, Hand Beaded Bracelet, Black, Gold, White, Vegan Jewelry, Bead Weaving, Birthday Gift, Gifts for Her, Boho, Chic, Professional
New! Cleo Cuff, Hand Beaded Bracelet,...
$40.00 USD
The Pride Cuff, Hand Beaded Bracelet, Beaded Cuff, Rainbow, LGBTQ, Equality, Vegan Jewelry, Birthday Gift, Friend Gift, Wife Gift, Handmade
New! The Pride Cuff, Hand Beaded...
$55.00 USD
Seafoam Cuff, Blue, Green, Silver, Beaded Cuff, Hand Beaded, Bead Weaving. Glass Beads, Summer, Fresh, Vegan, Birthday Gift, Friend Gift
New! Seafoam Cuff, Blue, Green,...
$42.00 USD
Casual Wear, Purple Beads
Updated! Casual Wear, Purple Beads
$8.99 USD
Rose Colored Heart Necklace, Black Beads
Updated! Rose Colored Heart Necklace, Black Beads
$25.75 USD
Lampwork necklace, Steel Necklace
Updated! Lampwork necklace, Steel Necklace
$19.99 USD
Sterling  Silver Threader Earrings
Updated! Sterling Silver Threader Earrings
$22.99 USD
Earrings. Blue and White Beads and Acrylic Flowers
Updated! Earrings. Blue and White Beads and...
$15.99 USD
White Glass bracelet.
Updated! White Glass bracelet.
$17.85 USD
Earrings with Beads, Glass Pearls
Updated! Earrings with Beads, Glass Pearls
$22.78 USD
Purple glass beads,and smoked beads
Updated! Purple glass beads,and smoked beads
$18.75 USD
White Czech Glass Necklace with Matching Bracelet and Earrings
Updated! White Czech Glass Necklace with...
$25.98 USD
Shell yellow, black round beads, acrylic ivory
Updated! Shell yellow, black round beads,...
$26.98 USD
Pink Czech Glass Beads Bracelet
Updated! Pink Czech Glass Beads Bracelet
$11.99 USD
Acrylic and Glass Bead  Bracelet
Updated! Acrylic and Glass Bead Bracelet
$8.99 USD
Jasper Pendant Necklace w/ Hoop Earrings
Updated! Jasper Pendant Necklace w/ Hoop Earrings
$29.99 USD
Yellow and Purple Necklace w/ Accented Square Beads w. Earrings
Updated! Yellow and Purple Necklace w/...
$31.99 USD
Blue Rose Pendant Necklace
Updated! Blue Rose Pendant Necklace
$27.85 USD
Czech Glass Necklace
Updated! Czech Glass Necklace
$21.99 USD
Lampwork Beads Bracelet, Lampwork Glass Beaded Bracelet
Updated! Lampwork Beads Bracelet, Lampwork...
$25.00 USD
Beaded Blue Glass Necklace
Updated! Beaded Blue Glass Necklace
$26.50 USD
Ceramic Bead Necklace
Updated! Ceramic Bead Necklace
$23.75 USD
Casual wear, glass pendant, silver plated wires, baby blue,.
Updated! Casual wear, glass pendant, silver...
$19.99 USD
Green, acrylic, silver plated,gold tone flower filigree,Red Aga,
Updated! Green, acrylic, silver plated,gold...
$19.99 USD
Necklace, Red Agate beads, Green Acrylic Round bed, Gold  Tone S
Updated! Necklace, Red Agate beads, Green...
$26.99 USD
Necklace and earrings set, blue, Lampwork , glass, aquamarine
Updated! Necklace and earrings set, blue,...
$26.50 USD