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Byjeansonly we love vintage levis jeans and are creating unique stunning shorts

Levis vintage jeans shors

Handmade Store: byjeansonly


What started as a hobby, a passion for creating something different, something that showed me, soon turned into people asking: “hey where did you get those?”. After answering the same questions over and over I realized that maybe other people share my love for ripped jeans, something different, something cool.

Over the years our creative corner slowly started to grow and now we have a whole workshop, my happy place, covered in denim, from my sewing chair to the curtains. For the lovers of all things handmade, the late night pinterest browsers and the creative looking for their next fashion project have a look at our blog, you’re bound to find something interesting.

Not long after posting my first few pairs online the orders started coming in. Originally from friends, but slowly but surely people started stumbling upon them, they had found the jeans that they had imagined!
So who is Behind the Jeans ? !

Nice to officially meet, my Name is Noony. As you may have guessed, I love ripped jeans and DIY, the two ingredients that turned into the byJEANSONLY you see today. I always see potential in the old and forgotten, why waste some perfectly good jeans right? We all know vintage is always cooler 😎
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Handmade Store: byjeansonly

General Shipping Policy:

shipping international rate is the same for every county 14.99 USD per shorts any additional shorts will be 5 usd extra shipping we do not do express shipping as it is just too expensive

Returns & Refunds:

In general we dont accept returns as the shipping cost from thaiand is 14.99 to the US which is our main market
upon every order we will be in contact with our clients to make sure the size is right
if we make a mistake we do accept returns if the mistake is from the side from the client we will ask for the shipping cost then we can do a new product

Payment Methods:

Accepting credit card payments through PayPal.