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Jewelry, Knitted Accessories, Sewn Accessories

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Creating a little bit of everything is what I do. I knit, sew, and make jewelry. I try to make each item at least a little different from the rest where no two items are the same. I believe in things being unique. Everyone deserves something special.

I started making jewelry 12 years ago, and have been gradually expanding the variety of designs ever since. I picked up knitting in the last 6 years, and enjoy making any number of colorful and bright accessories be it hats or gloves or scarves, or whatever I feel like making. I started learning how to sew years ago, and work on learning more about it with each creation.

You learn something new with anything you make no matter what method of crafting is used.

Enjoy exploring Xandra’s Haven!
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Christmas Joy Pearl Bracelet
New! Christmas Joy Pearl Bracelet
$20.00 USD
Coming Up Roses Cameo Pendant Necklace
New! Coming Up Roses Cameo Pendant...
$27.00 USD
Samhains Fire Sugar Skull Halloween Earrings
New! Samhains Fire Sugar Skull...
$23.00 USD
Crimson Blossoms Cloisonne Flower Pendant Necklace
New! Crimson Blossoms Cloisonne Flower...
$17.00 USD
Dragons Children Cameo Pendant Necklace
New! Dragons Children Cameo Pendant...
$30.00 USD
Sweet Summer Bird Song Cameo Pendant Necklace
New! Sweet Summer Bird Song Cameo...
$27.00 USD
  • 6 Items.
  •  Displaying: 1 - 6.
Handmade Store: Xandras Haven

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