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The Kagaaz Company

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Paper products and crafts

Handmade Store: The Kagaaz Company

Kagaaz, the Persian name for paper, became popular in India by the 14th century. Paper crafts encompass a wide range of artistry, from paper toys to papier-m?ch? items. Common toys like paper kites, wind wheels, puppets, and drums are easily available on streets or public places. However, many people overlook the skills involved in turning paper sheets into useful items. The Kagaaz Company creates paper sculptures using folding and sculpting techniques. Our art focuses on recreational origami, with the Japanese paper crane being the most famous model. The company showcases hand-crafted paper crafts, including intricate designs with different colors, prints, or patterns, on their website.
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Paper Floral Bouquet
Sale! 10% off. Paper Floral Bouquet
$18.00 CAD
Paper Hydrangeas
Sale! 10% off. Paper Hydrangeas
$18.00 CAD
Kusudama Origami Bouquet with Decoupage Clay Pot
Sale! 10% off. Kusudama Origami Bouquet with...
$21.60 CAD
Floral Arrangement of paper Kusudama Flowers
Sale! 10% off. Floral Arrangement of paper...
$9.00 CAD
  • 4 Items.
  •  Displaying: 1 - 4.
Handmade Store: The Kagaaz Company

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