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Custom Size:
4 x 2 inches
Dominant Color:
wood, metal
Sold. Now accepting Custom Orders

More re-cycled wood and metal fishies from the studio. Once again made with re-cycled wood and metal. The wood can be pine, cypress, oak even old tree branches.
The fins are metal and start life as tin cans, metal framing studs, roof flashing, you just never know.
These fish decoys average 4 to 5 inches long. They receive multiple coats of exterior paint and a clear top coat. If you wish a certain size or color just let me know and we I will start work on your fish decoy/ lure.

Shipping Options:

Local Pickup is Available.
Item ships from: Dunedin, FL, US.

  • Shipping to US:
    $7.50 USD ($6.00 USD when combined with another item) by US mail.

Shipping will depend on the size ordered as the signs are all custommade.

Payment Methods:

Accepting credit card payments through PayPal

fish decoys, lures, for guys, home decor
Holidays & Occasions: 
Fathers Day, Home decorating
Ideal for: 

Re-cycled wood fish decoys and lures

$15.00 USD

Seller: Fat Dog Productions  
From Dunedin, FL, US

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