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Custom Size:
17 inch
Dominant Color:
Pearls, Howlite, Hematite Obsidian, Metal, Silver

Starry Guide Necklace ...
Howlite, Colored Pearls, Hematite stars, and Obsidian Arrowpoint, Strung on a soft flex wire
Clasp: Antique Silver Hook and eye

Length : 17 inch for end to end Pendent is 2 inch length

The Arrow Points I use are hand chipped using stone tools (Native American Style), it was made by my father using Obsidian Glass or Chert. I have used a grinding tool along the sides and tip to make sure it's not to sharp.

Flintknapping is one of the methods by which people work stone into tools. Its is also called Flaking or Chipping. It involves striking or pushing carefully controlled flakes off of the stone being worked. This can be done in a variety of ways, including 'direct percussion' which is simply hitting the rock with another rock (Hard Hammering) or a billet made of antler, wood, or similar material (Soft Hammering). In contrast to direct percussion, there is 'indirect percussion' which makes use of a punch between the rock which is being struck and the hammer doing the striking. The final common method of removing flakes is 'pressure flaking'. Pressure flaking is usually done in the final stages of tool manufacture, by using a pressure flaker made of antler or (more common today) copper. Pressure flaking, in essence, involves 'pushing' flakes off of the piece being worked by the application of force to a precise point on the tool edge.

I can Custom Make An Arrow Point Necklace using Stones You pick At Any Length you like Just Send me a Message Asking Me About this and we can work out details.

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Necklace, Handmade, Arrowpoint, arrow, point, native, american, Pearls, lHowlite, Hematite
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Male or Female

Starry Guide

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