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acrylic yarn, googly eyes, hot glue gun

We all know that Gumbles are very social creatures, right? Well, as in all crowds there is always an odd one out. And you guessed it, Joey is it. Although deep down inside he craves companionship, he calls himself a loner. Honestly, he's just lonely is all. He desperately needs comeone to call a friend. That could be you! How can you resist that face?


Deep in the forest lies the land of the Gumbles. A very timid, very secretive species, they are incredibly difficult to find. But now you can own your very own!

You have to be very quiet though. Gumbles scare easily and will run to hide in your plants. But if you're patient, your Gumble will come out to play with you. They are intensely loyal, so once you earn your Gumble's trust, you will have a friend for life! They are very social creatures, so having more than one is always a good idea.



Although Gumbles are cute and cuddly, they are NOT intended to be a toy for young children, due to the choking hazard from the eyes. Young children should only play with a Gumble under close the supervision of an adult.

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