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5 x 7 inches
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light, inspiration, love

"my grandmother used to buy me pretty pink dresses
dresses with pleated skirts
dresses for twirling and twirling and twirling

they told me i never looked good in pink
pastels were not for me
green hues of brown
heathered in dirt
blue jeans and braids

but i dreamed of those dresses
pink ruffled
barbie dolls
fashioned from soft petals pressed quietly between pages of love

i stomped around in black boots
torn tees and faded jeans
worms and caterpillers on bark
and puppy dog licks
a dirt smudged face
longing for mascara and pink ribbons

i will have long white hair
pink smiles to match the petals
in my girl dreams

i will lay in lavender fields
and watch the sun reveal the pink in the sky
i will tie a pink flowered apron
over my faded jeans
and hide my pink painted toes
beneath my black shoes

and i will swirl under that sky
remembering her smiles
and i will know
that pink
looks good on everyone
there is a vibrant shade
handpicked just for my pink tinged cheeks"

5 x 7 print, professionally printed on fujicolor crystal archive supreme paper, glossy. Please advise me if you would prefer matte paper.

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flowers, pink, light, tulips, daisies, daisy, tulip, gerber daisy
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girl dreams

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