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12 x 8 inches
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river rock, acrylic paint, epoxy finish
Sold. Now accepting Custom Orders

Orcas playing in the ocean painted on round river rock. These rocks are extremely heavy so it would be recommended to purchase a faux rock which looks exactly like a rock but has hardly any weight at all. Select custom and choose faux rock. Coated with an epoxy finish containing UV filters.

If you would like to keep your rock indoors as a doorstop please let me know and I will attach felt to the bottom.

These rocks also make wonderful pet memorials. Please email me a picture of your pet and the particular details you would like attached.

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river rock, stones, round, acrylic paint, epoxy finish
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Male or Female

Orca Jumping - 863

$50.00 CAD
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Seller: Hummingbird  
From Port Alberni, BC, Canada

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