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pure sugar cane, grapeseed oil, olive oil, vitamin e, fragrance, color

mmm, like Bazooka Bubble Gum!

A super light scrub with only enough oil to coat sugar. Glides on easily for gentle exfoliation. Keeps your skin super soft and moisturized. The recipient of this scrub whether it is your daughter or another young lady, will love it!

Sugar cane produces glycolic acid, one of the natural alpha-hydroxy acids that exfoliate the skin. Soothing and sweet for your body. Added vitamin e oil to treat your skin.

I chose to use glass jars to preserve the scent of your scrub.
Do not get water in the container because introducing water into the product can cause unwanted bacterial growth.

**CAUTION** Glass jars, please be careful. Scrubs contain oil, may make shower floors slippery, use caution and clean shower floor when done

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teen, bubble gum, scrub, exfoliating, sugar, moisturinzing, soft, gift, girl. natural
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Double Bubble Sugar Scrub for Teens! 8 oz

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