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Opal, Gemstone

Necklace length:
21" 53cm
Approximate Necklace weight:
6-8 grams
Bead size:
Bead shape:
Smooth rondelle

Opals are found in a transparent to white tone, and a transparent to yellow, tan or orange tone, in their natural state. These high quality Opals can display intense color flashes throughout in every color of the rainbow and from every angle (known as ??precious Opal?), or, if a lower quality Opal, can display fewer or no color flashes (known as ??common Opal?). Opals with great color can display a single color, several colors, or every color of the rainbow, so whether you want Opal jewelry with a single primary color, or, want the perfect ??compliments everything? piece of jewelry, Opal jewelry is perfect!
Opals have translucent to transparent body colors with vivid play-of-color in a variety of patterns. This unique type of opal is rapidly trending with millennial brides-to-be due to its one-of-a-kind look and reasonable and affordable price.

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(1) Necklace

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Ethiopian Fire Opal, Opal, Bead, beaded, necklace, gemstone

3mm-8mm White Ethiopian Fire Opal Beaded Necklace

$58.00 USD
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Seller: Dangleys  
From Yakima, WA, US

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