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Custom Size:
10" x 7.75" x 5"
10 x 7.75 inches
Dominant Color:
stained glass, metal

Victorian Woodland Stained Glass Painted Fairy Candle Holder or Candle Lamp w Curved Glass
A Medieval Light Company treasure...

This hand-painted scene shows two fairies frolicking in the woods, with a baby deer and a rabbit looking on. The scene was painted on a 10" wide curved piece of antique stained glass. Two stags run across the top edge of the piece, while the Queen of the Fairies gazes down from above.

Chunks of vintage chiseled glass, autumnal in color, form a border at the top of the piece. Metal daisies and the top metal edging frame the look. Four candle holder beastie feet at bottom add to the vintage charm.

There's room for two pillar candles or at least five votive candle holders. The piece measures 10" wide x 7.75" tall x 5" deep. This candle holder glows greenish blue & pink when lit, and appears much more blue when unlit...note the pictures.

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stained glass, candle holder, renaissance, Gothic, candleholder, Victorian
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Male or Female

Victorian Woodland Fairy - Stained Glass Painted Candle Holder

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Seller: The Medieval Light Company  
From Lafayette, NJ, US

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