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7 x 3.5 inches
Dominant Color:
kisses chocolate (various colour), ribons, other decorations

Hi everyone, we are selling hand-made Valentine Kissess trees that you'd never seen before!!!

It is very special, unique and fabulous in every sense, and I'm pretty sure you'll love it!

We are making them on demand until Feb 11th, so you have to order them through email to get one right on time!

There are 2 (small and medium) sizes and 5 (gold, red, silver, pink. purple) colors from which you can choose. Small is $25 and medium is $40 .

We are pretty sure whoever recieving our lovely kisses tree will love it!

Order it now!

(everything about pickup place, time, price and product is negotiable through email, don't hesitate! just email us :D)

Payment Methods:

Seller hasn't specified any payment methods for this product. Please enquire the seller directly about available ways to pay.

Valentine, kisses, chocolate
Ideal for: 
Male or Female

Special Valentine Kisses tree only for CAD$25!!!

$25.00 CAD
  Only 30 available

Seller: sulkihur  
From Ottawa, ON, Canada

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