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bamboo incense stick cores, fragrance oil, solvent

This is for 20 of my fresh, hand-dipped incense sticks scented with red clover tea fragrance. This incense is just amazing because it does not smoke as much as most other incense I've used, which allows the scent to really come out without being choked by smoke. Each stick lasts almost an hour and a half!!

I soaked this incense for 24+ hours and let it dry for 2 days. This is as fresh as you can get! Each bundle will be wrapped with a little ribbon and ready for lighting! I timed the length my incense burned and each time was almost an hour and a half. Wow!

Red Clover Tea is very similar to B&BW's Sweet Pea, but is not identical. It is a fruity, slightly floral, green herbal scent that is very nice. It is sweet and invigorating.

Light some incense and prepare to chill out! :)

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20 Hand-Dipped Incense Sticks - Red Clover Tea Scent

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