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Years ago I would go to town on Saturdays with my dad. The old men in town would gather on the sidewalks of town, trade knifes and carve on wooden sticks. Some of the older men would be using walking sticks or canes. The most usual walking sticks had a Carved Snake slowly coiling up the walking stick.

The Carved Snake Walking Sticks draw the most attention of any of the walking sticks I create. Each snake has scales the entire length of the snake, but the most usual feature is the glow the snake gives off in the dark. Why not let me carve a walking stick or walking cane with a snake on it for you.

Please contact me if you would like anything special done to your walking stick.

Please note you are ordering one Carved Snake Walking Stick.

Please note that the picture shown is of a typical Carved Snake Walking Stick. I make each Carved Snake Walking Stick individually as each person orders the walking stick.

You can vist my web site Kentucky Walking Sticks at or search Google for Kentucky Walking Sticks.

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Carved Snake Walking Stick

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