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Dominant Color:
faux leather, embroidery thread, fleece

Beautifully handcrafted eco-friendly coffee sleeve. Your hands will love you for this and so will the environment. One cardboard sleeve at a time, let's make a difference in the world. Choose your coffee statement or make up your own and send me a message. These sleeves are made to order. Don't forget one for your purse, one for the car and one for home, your friends will want these also. Look great while sipping your latte and always know that when you're using your mocha mitt, you're making a GREEN fashion statement.

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Local Pickup is Available.
Item ships from: Langley, BC, Canada.

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    $2.00 CAD ($1.00 CAD when combined with another item) by canada post. Expedited Rate: $8.00 CAD ($7.00 CAD when combined with another item) by priority post.
  • Shipping to Canada:
    $2.00 CAD ($1.00 CAD when combined with another item) by canada post.

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eco friendly, fashion statement, handmade, embroidered, coffee, cuff, sleeve, mitt, tea, drink, cup, customizeable, personalized, personal, words, letter, stitching
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Male or Female

ECO FRIENDLY Embroidered coffee sleeve by Mocha Mitts

$8.00 CAD
  Only 10 available

Seller: Mocha Mitts  
From Langley, BC, Canada

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