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Plastic and PVC


No other company can offer lifetime guarantee, NONE! That's because our wheels do not rust, fall apart or need replacement parts. This is why we can offer a lifetime guarantee. Our workmanship speaks for itself. Other companies say this and that about their wheels, offer to sell parts, none of them will offer a FREE replacement, we stand behind our wheel for a lifetime! Wash it with soap and water, will NOT RUST. No more wheels for a lifetime.

Our wheels have been sold at local trade shows and state fairs. We have worked hard to get where we are in 2021. This will literally, be the last wheel you ever buy!

***Our wheel are now USDA Approved, we applied and we got APPROVED! Our wheels have been tested and approved by AASG and the ASGV recommended.***

- Handmade in America with new quality non-toxic materials
- 12.24" diameter wheel;
- PVC stand/mount;
- Ultra-strong 0.090" thick, non-toxic, FDA-approved food grade polypropylene;
- Heavy duty non-toxic HDPE diamond mesh
- Non toxic hot glue
- No center axle to avoid injury
- Ultra-quiet ceramic double bearing system, no wobbling and no rust EVER!
- Fully anti-rust stainless steel and aluminum nuts, bolts
- Newly added safety features

Available in 10 beautiful colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, White, Gray and Black

***There are many versions of the Raptor Wheel. They all pretty much do the same thing. BEWARE, of the ones who say theirs is better, or made in a different country, without a guarantee. North American Sugar Glider Association has approved our wheel. Just like our wheel is SGF AVL approved and WAWA approved. Again, we put our money where our mouth is, LIFETIME guaranteed. ***

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Raptor wheel, sugar gliders
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Raptor Wheel for Sugar Gliders

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