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Custom Size:
16 inches long
Dominant Color:
labradorite, lapiz, vermeil, 14k gold filled chain, lobster clasp

The Isis pendant made with lapis and labradorite is smooth, sexy, light and easy to wear but still makes a bold statement. Like the goddess and queen herself, it's feminine, strong and inherently WOMAN! Great with jeans during the day and since there's a little added brushed gold vermeil you're ready for nighttime too! Length: 16"

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14k gold filled, vermeil, faceted, labradorite, grey, blue, lapiz, necklace, coquito, chain, charm
Ideal for: 
Male or Female

Isis Necklace

$78.00 USD
  Only 1 available

Seller: Coquito Designs  
From Yonkers, NY, US

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