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2 x 2 1/2 inches
Dominant Color:
fabric, paint, pin

Tiny Mini Cat Doll Totally Flealess and Will not leave stinky Prizes
in the Litter Box Too Cute For Your Plush Cuteness Collection
Made By Tessimal
Enjoy your new adopted "Celestial Cat".

He is totally flea less .

He won't scratch, bite, or leave smelly prizes in the litter box, or potted plant.

He's fixed so he can't spray the curtains or furniture.

You can hug him and squeeze him all you want he wont cry or beg you for food.

This tiny black slyvester kitty is only 2 1/2" tall, pick of the litter.

More litter mates will be coming up on Etsy as soon as they are weened!

Be happy with your maintenance free Kitty!

Listing is for 1 kitty 1st pic only other pictures show other breeds of maintenance free cats
Convo me If you want a Kitty to look like your special pet!
Send me a picture and I will create you a one of a kind custom order!

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Male or Female

Plush Celestial Cat Tiny Mini Cat Doll Totally Flealess Pin

$14.00 USD
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Seller: tessimal  
From Easthampton, MA, US

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