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5.5 x 7.5 inches
Dominant Color:
pencil, pen, paint, paper, oil pastel

Related in style to my ongoing series of Maquettes, this is a closed series of 28 pieces using a restricted palette. Red and green aren't colours that I was very comfortable working with together, and this was an exercise in overcoming the 'Christmas Block' as I had been referring to it in discussion with others in the studio.

Layers of under-painting with rich yellows and oranges, toned down with earth toned washes, the end result is reminiscent of stone or leather in some cases. The figures remind me somewhat of cave paintings, but with the earthy background become more believable, and they assume recognizable shapes; a musical instrument, a field worker, a shepherd, a cat or a dog, gods and monsters.

Simple, small works that started as experiments in line and colour interplay for use in larger compositions, my series of maquettes proved popular with friends and customers alike. Relatively quick and inexpensive to produce, these pieces proved attractive to many who visited my studio who couldn't commit to a much larger canvas work.

Pen, pencil, acrylic paints and a red oil pastel on water colour paper

Pieces are roughly 5.5" x 7.5" with rough torn or deckle edges. They are not mounted, nor framed. Each piece is hand painted and unique and as such may be imperfect. The reverse might have paint on it, pencil smudges, notes or remants of earlier drawings.

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abstract, acrylic, oil pastel, paper, painting, original
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Male or Female

Red Green Rust 12

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