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17 x 17 inches
Dominant Color:
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Stunning cushion in cream with pink polka dot fabric. The cushion features a pretty bow which is embellished with pretty heart shaped buttons.
The back of the cushion features a envelope opening, with a pale blue trim, also featuring the heart buttons.

The cushions would complement any bedroom or living room. The original cushions were made to suit a baby girl's bedroom.
This cushion is sold separately or as part of a set, as show in the photograph.
A single cushion is sold at $30.00 CAD but the price of a set of cushions is negotiable.

The cushions are sold without the cushions to keep the cost down as I am posting from the Uk. but I can offer polyester or feathered cushions at an extra price.
I also make to order and change of colour/style could also be negotiated.

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Local Pickup is Not Available.
Item ships from: Bristol, UK.

  • Shipping to UK:
    £2.00 GBP (£1.00 GBP when combined with another item) by Royal Mail.
  • Shipping worldwide:
    £3.00 GBP (£1.50 GBP when combined with another item) by Royal Mail Airmail.

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Seller hasn't specified any payment methods for this product. Please enquire the seller directly about available ways to pay.

Original, pretty, polka dot, funky, feminine.
Ideal for: 
Male or Female

Stunning cream and pink polka dot cushion with blue trim

£20.00 GBP
  Only 1 available

Seller: Lextextiles  
From Bristol, UK

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