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bull denim, cotton. poly-pellets

This is my extra large 52" x 84" (approximately) 15 pound weighted blanket. The front & back are red, bull denim material, and has a slight texture.

Blanket is machine washable cool/gentle cycle and low heat in the dryer. The weight in this blanket is evenly distributed throughout, and the non-toxic poly pellets are sewn into a 4" pocket, serged closed, then sewn into the blanket as a extra layer of protection.

What are weighted blankets? Weighted blankets are used by children and adults alike, typically to help regulate the needs of conditions which include Sensory Processing Disorder/Sensory Integration Disorder.
They can improve body awareness, improve focus, and attention, help decrease sensory seeking behaviors, and can be useful for those that suffer from restless leg syndrome, along with other disorders

The weight of the blanket is determined by the person's body weight. To calculate the appropriate weight for your order, take 10% of the weight of the individual who will use it and add 1 pound.

**Please note: Always consult a qualified occupational therapist to help determine the exact weight of the blanket you will need

Any questions please ask

I can do custom orders, just reach out to me for pricing.

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weighted blanket, PolyPellets, Sensory
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Red 15 pound weighted blanket, Sensory, Autism, PTDS

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