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8.9 x 8.9 cm

Mana color & guild symbol themed dog tags! All five main colors are available! for the best detail, get Resin; for something super crazy, try out solid 3D Printed sintered steel; or get cast metal! Check out the last picture in the listing to see all available options! For the available symbols, see this list:
Red Mana Symbol
Blue Mana Symbol
Green Mana Symbol
White Mana Symbol
Black Mana Symbol
Azorious Senate Symbol
Simic Combine Symbol
Izzet League Symbol
House Dimir Symbol
Selesnya Conclave Symbol
Gruul Clan Symbol
Golgari Swarm Symbol
Boros Legion Symbol
Orzhov Syndicate Symbol
Cult of Rakdos Symbol

Aesthetic wear

Dog tag design by Mike Seguin
Based on the Magic: The Gathering card game
This item is designed on a computer and then 3D-printed using a desktop 3D Printer.

49.9mm (l) x 28mm (w) x 2.5mm (h)

Materials Guide:
PLA -- Glossy, fine detail, rigid; use for decorative or low-stress functional items.
ABS -- Durable, use for functional parts/accessories.
[Recommended for this item: PLA]

Tools & Installation:
Thread chain or necklace through opening in the dog tag, then secure to neck.
You will need a chain or similar necklace for this item.

- 1 x Magic The Gathering Mana or Guild Symbol Themed Dog Tag

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Magic The Gathering Mana & Guild Symbol Themed Dog Tags

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  • Main shot showing the front spread. Note: Please read description, this is NOT the default color!
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