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8.9 x 8.9 cm

[When purchasing, please specify a material and color from the chart. If none is specified, item will be defaulted to: PLA (White)]
[When purchasing, please specify a tip type: Parabolic (as pictured), Hollow Point, or Wadcutter. If none is selected, item will be defaulted to: Parabolic]

These rounds can be extremely dangerous if used irresponsibly, and carry a lot of kinetic energy that is not dispersed on impact like a normal paintball (as these are hard plastic). Please make sure that all parties are informed of your use of these rounds, and that they are aware of the dangers. Extra protection is recommended. By purchasing these rounds, you agree not to hold Durham 3D Printing (the seller) or Ebay liable for any damage caused, either bodily or property, through the ownership or usage of these rounds.

Itstemo1 designed this finned paintball ammo to work with First-Strike systems; but due to the nature of the ammo, they're completely reusable! Simply collect after being fired, give a good rinse, and reload to use again! With non-paint ammo, just play by Airsoft-style Honor Rules. For extra show-factor, try ordering in the glow-in-the-dark material!

Paintball players using First-Strike compatible paintball markers

Original design by Thingiverse user "itstemo1".
This item is designed on a computer and then 3D-printed using a desktop 3D Printer.

.68 caliber

Materials Guide:
PLA -- Glossy, fine detail, rigid; use for decorative or low-stress functional items.
ABS -- Durable, use for functional parts/accessories.
[Recommended for this item: PLA for biodegradability]

Tools & Installation:
Load into a first-strike compatible Paintball magazine. To reuse, simply collect, rinse off, and repeat.

- 20 x Finned First-Strike Compatible .68 Caliber Round

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Finned First-Strike Compatible .68 Paintball Rounds (Set of 20)

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