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13.2 x 13.2 cm
Dominant Color:

This amazing and extremely durable game box, based on a design by CenpaiCZ, is a great way to tote around your Friday Night Magic Standard or Modern deck and keep it safe! The interior compartment features space for 75 single-sleeved Magic: The Gathering (or other) cards! The plastic-based construction, combined with the unique supporting structure that comes from 3D Printing techniques, gives this box a fair bit of resistance to damage; making this great if you need to keep your cards safe during the day while at work, school, or active war zone. With a relatively tight-fitting lid, this box also offers a bit of water resistance, too--though we definitely don't recommend submerging it! Hint: For an extra bit of awesomeness, try ordering in the Glow in the Dark material! Check out the last picture for a complete breakdown of all available color and material options!

Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, Cardfight Vanguard, Force of Will, UFS

Original design by Thingiverse user "SenpaiCZ", modified by Michel Seguin
This item is designed on a computer and then 3D-printed using a desktop 3D Printer.

-Length: 8.8cm
-Width: 6.8cm
-Height: 11.2cm
-Interior space for 75 single-sleeved standard-sized TCG/CCG cards

Materials Guide:
PLA -- Glossy, fine detail, rigid; use for decorative or low-stress functional items.
ABS -- Durable, use for functional parts/accessories.
[Recommended for this item: PLA]

Tools & Installation:
Place gaming items inside box, then slide lid firmly into place.

- 1 x Customizeable 'Companion Crate' Durable 75 Card Deckbox

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Customizeable 'Companion Crate' 75 Card Deckbox for M:TG

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