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Nylon 550lb Paracord

Looking for something unique as a gift idea, or an aspiring survivalist in need of some emergency paracord in a bad situation? This cobra-weaved paracord wrist lanyard is not only a great aesthetic, but also allots you a single unbroken length of paracord if you find yourself in a situation where you need a long length of sturdy cordage! And you certainly can't beat the shipping cost! Be sure to check out the last photo to see what all the color options look like!

Keychains, knives, mutitools, cameras, cell phones, etc

This item is hand-woven, made to order.

-8" Long
0.625" wide (1.6cm)

Materials Guide:
Made from 550lb Nylon Paracord.
Actual clip may be different than pictured (but still the same type)

Tools & Installation:
Attach clip to desired object. Insert hand through large wrist loop.

- 1 x Nylon 550lb Paracord Cobra Weave Wrist Lanyard

As always, we ship all orders with a flat rate of $15 CAD within Canada, or $20 CAD internationally!

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Local Pickup is Not Available.
Item ships from: Oshawa, ON, Canada.

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    $15.00 CAD by Canada Post.

Sometimes, especially during holiday seasons, it is not uncommon for orders to be delayed. If your order hasn't shipped yet, don't worry; we're working on it! So please allow additional time for your items to ship.

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EDC, every day carry, gift idea, bushcraft, camping, hiking, survival, prepping, bug out, hunting, fishing, backpacking, outdoors, paracord, bracelet, military, law enforcement, preparedness
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Male or Female

Cobra Weave Paracord Wrist Lanyard, Nylon 550lb (Many Colors)

$10.00 CAD
  Only 200 available
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Seller: Durham 3D Printing  
From Oshawa, ON, Canada

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