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wood seashells

I explore innovative ideas which explored by the interplay of natural environment which shows the boundaries of shell with land, sea and sky which are stored in concepts of thinking deep with holding your breath. The whole art blow up by the surface in requirement of air which blows the shine of sunlight and salt in the eyes of people which fascinates their thinking and refresh their mind.
All my work is hand made with natural and original products like wood and sea shells. Sea shells are the basic inspiration for me thatís why I am artist of sea shell deco in which I do customization of seashell decoration. I can write a full name through sea shells. Art is term used to elaborate creativity of humans which can be express through their work which may be painting, drawings and sculpture etc. sea shell art is also the creativity of man which fascinates and attracts the eyes of general public and also provide an air of peace to the mind of people.
There beauty enhances the decorations skills and provide you qualities of natural beauty according to the material you have. Artist always work independently which makes their work more beautiful and natural. Entry in the profession of artist is not easy because of competitions among different artist and their art but I always try my best to enhance my experiences and make a natural and beautiful products. Its take a long time of period to makes reputation in the view of clients but I make it very easily due to the quality of my natural and fascinating products.
I will never have any bad comments from the side of my clients they are always satisfied by me and from my work too. An artist donít have fix working hour thatís why I never focus on the time of my work I always work with passion and enthusiasm to make my work natural and fascinating. I always focus on the quality of work and all the arts I have made already and also the art which I m making in these days. Quality of the product is a thing on which your career reputation is based. If your quality of product is best one day you will definitely get success and also have great career record.
I work in my own studio space where I am not dependent on anyone and nobody can disturb me at my time of working which makes my work better and deep due to my deep thoughts which focus on the natural atmosphere of the world. Yeah I have seen many crucial times during my experience which only related to the competition which I have seen from other artist and their art but now I have made a prefect experience, and ideas which stimulates my work.
I always focus on the innovative ideas relate to the natural world which enhances the beauty of my products. Yeah I also have qualification regarding to my field I have many diplomas in which I have achieved grade A due to my innovative ideas and thinking. I will do my best and I am fully focused on my work only which is my special specification for my work.

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Engraved plate by seashells

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