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The Brass Egg is a minimal, geometric object inspired by nature’s life-giving form.
Abundant in nature, the ovoid recalls both the egg and seed. This organic shape has been celebrated since antiquity by cultures all over the world, and endures today as a symbol for regeneration and hope.
Handcrafted from solid Brass, the Brass Egg responds to the touch with weight, warmth and motion. Measuring 65.5 mm by 47.5 mm, the Egg fits perfectly in your palm as you muse on ideas and challenges, and makes an attractive paperweight when you reach a solution.
Due to it's weight and careful engineering, the Brass Egg balances perfectly on its base, making it an intriguing talking point.
Over time the metal will age naturally, developing a rich, dark patina that is unique to your touch. If you prefer your egg to shine, the brass can be polished and waxed to reduce oxidization.

Weight: 645.4grms
Length: 65mm
Width: 47.7mm

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Solid Brass Egg

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