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Dominant Color:
Sterling silver, natural tourmaline

This is a nice firm oval bangle which is elegant and endurable.
Ican assure you this bangle is my own design and it's unique compared to any mass producted jewelry in the market. I carefully selected those beads, they are high quality and transparent. Your friends will be amazed at this bangle.

HOPE- WEALTH-LOVE-HEALTH-CALM will always be there for with you. They remind you that you are living a colorful life and it is beautiful.
These 5 colors also present 5 elements of the universe. They are water, fire, metal, wood and earth and symbolize the balance in your life and your energy supported by these 5 factors.
This bangle is one of my first designs and it still inspires me in many ways. Whenever I see it, I tell it “You are so beautiful” and I am sure you will definitely feel incredible pretty when wearing it.

Tourmaline is the October birthstone and was discovered by a Dutch trader.
This gemstone is my favorite gems as it has many colors and has the most powerful energy among all other kinds of stones.
It is believed to protect wears against danger, clarify your minds and awaken you from illusions.
This is a helpful gemstone to creative people like artists, authors or actors.
It is also thought to be good for digest system, teeth and bones

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Holidays & Occasions: 
Christmas, New Year's Eve, Birthday
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High quality tourmaline sterling silver bangle

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Seller: Elisa Jewelry Vietnam  
From Vung Tau, B? Rịa - Vũng T?u, Viet Nam

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