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Homemade crafts

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Hi, Iím Kay. Iím a professional healthcare worker by day, but my true calling is a crafter at heart. Crafts by Kay is a dream of mine to create and inspire others to follow their heart's dreams. Crafts by Kay initially inspired by making school projects with my kids while enjoying the crafting process as our ideas became a reality. Also, creating crafts became a way to enjoy family time as we used our wild imaginations plus having fun doing it! Crafting is a hobby that I have learned to use not only for the use of school projects but also for a therapeutic approach by way of distressing through relaxing and relinquishing my mind from day-to-day stressors as I focus on creative ideas. Also, Iím truly inspired by the art form of creativity that goes into crafting and the passion that flows from the hearts of many crafters. Furthermore, crafting is a form of self-expression as it allows craftersí mental images to form into something tangible as it reflects oneís thought process. My mission is through crafts to seize the day by creating and inspiring others.
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Handmade Store: CraftsbyKay

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