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Who doesn't love Mermaids!

Handcrafted superior blended perfumes

Handmade Store: MermaidScents

Be a Siren of the Sea with this fabulous collection of Eau de Parfums called " MermaidScents".!

Each fragrance is handcrafted with superior blends and is very long lasting on the skin. All the fragrances are soft and feminine. Never overpowering, but you will receive compliments when you wear these.

The collection consists of 5 exciting fragrances, and one may become your personal signature fragrance!
It was the summer of 1968 in early July. My grandparents took a trip to visit relatives in the enchanting town of Santa Maria de Castellabate, located on the Amalfi coast of southern Italy. This particular region is known for it’s cobalt blue seas, white silky beaches, sparkling clear water, and fascinating grottos and coves.

One sunny afternoon, they headed out to sea on a boat to take in the various sights along this magnificent coastline. The ocean was smooth as glass, and the boat was out at about a half mile from the shoreline. It was a perfect day for enjoying the mild breezes and breathing in the clean salt water air.
My grandmother remembered the story well, and it goes like this…

She said they must have been out on the water for approximately an hour, when she detected a slight aroma, like a perfume, very different from the salt water and smell of the boat. It came out of nowhere and she paid it no attention at first. A few minutes later, this aroma got stronger and stronger, and she started to wonder what it could be. My grandma was not one for perfume, she was strictly an Ivory soap gal! My mother was the true fragrance fanatic in the family. It was definitely not a fragrance she was wearing that day. She described it as being quite lovely and gave off a scent reminiscent of soft flowers with honey and vanilla, and something else that she could not quite compare to. At that moment, she heard a loud splash coming from the other side of the boat. Thinking it could be a dolphin, she crossed over to the other side of the boat to see. No one was sitting on this side.

What she saw was truly incredible and happened in a split second!

What appeared to be a large green and purple fish tail around 4 feet wide, suspended out of the water, and quickly slid into the sea. My grandmother thought it was a Marlin or large Sailfish. Looking closer off the side of the boat into the clear water, she saw what appeared to be a slim creature, with a mass of long seaweed at the other end of the tail. It had the shape of a woman, and was swimming face down, while it’s tail glided back and forth like a ladies old fashioned fan. This was astonishing to see, and as it slowly swam away from the boat, my grandmother is quite sure that on that sunny afternoon in July, she saw a Mermaid swimming in the seas of Santa Maria di Castellabate! What makes this very unusual is that once the creature swam away, the lovely fragrance disappeared immediately!

As a home based perfumer, and going by her description, I closely recreated that light enchanting fragrance and named it “Mermaid’s Mystique” in honor of my grandmother. When you wear it, I hope you will feel like a beautiful mermaid haunting the grottos of the Amalfi coast of Italy.

My imagination and love for mermaids and most things nautical, led to creating additional perfumes and they were appropriately named "MERMAID SCENTS".
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Handmade Store: MermaidScents

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