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Jewelry Hand Made

Handmade Store: Made In Venezuela

Venezuela is a country rich in many aspects thanks to the kindness of nature. We have a human capacity of incredible creativity
Our team is made up of artisans willing to offer the world their unprecedented art.
We are sure that our products will have excellent acceptance outside our borders since they are made with great passion and professionalism.
Those people or organizations that wish to make special orders for our products do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly assist them.
Keep in mind that our production capacity is limited because "It's Hand Made".
In the elaboration of our products we use wire techniques, Artisan fabrics, semi-precious stones, old and modern recycled material, accessories in Goldfilled, Silver Plate, Sterling Silver, Crystals, Leather, natural and artificial recin, Cotton Cords etc.
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Harmonic Circle Bracelet - AlBR013
Sale! 30% off. Harmonic Circle Bracelet - AlBR013
$16.80 USD
Ring two Oval Stones - PARI012/014/015/016
Sale! 30% off. Ring two Oval Stones -...
$14.00 USD
Oval turquoise ring - PARI019/020
Sale! 30% off. Oval turquoise ring - PARI019/020
$16.80 USD
Ring with Heart - PARI011/013
Sale! 30% off. Ring with Heart - PARI011/013
$14.00 USD
Wired wire ring.- PARI005/06/07
Sale! 30% off. Wired wire ring.- PARI005/06/07
$14.00 USD
Ring of Fire Balls- PARI003/004
Sale! 30% off. Ring of Fire Balls- PARI003/004
$16.80 USD
Wired wire ring.-PARI002
Sale! 30% off. Wired wire ring.-PARI002
$16.70 USD
Turquoise Heart Ring - PARI021
Sale! 30% off. Turquoise Heart Ring - PARI021
$16.80 USD
Egyptian choker - ALNE001
Sale! 30% off. Egyptian choker - ALNE001
$37.80 USD
Onlly White - ALBR011
Sale! 30% off. Onlly White - ALBR011
$14.00 USD
Purple Bracetet MABR007
Sale! 30% off. Purple Bracetet MABR007
$9.80 USD
Owl Necklace -  ALNE018
Sale! 30% off. Owl Necklace - ALNE018
$22.40 USD
Coquette tenderness necklace - ALNE015
Sale! 30% off. Coquette tenderness necklace -...
$37.80 USD
Gala Nigh Bracelete - ALNE007
Sale! 30% off. Gala Nigh Bracelete - ALNE007
$35.00 USD
Maritime fantasy - ALNE004
Sale! 30% off. Maritime fantasy - ALNE004
$33.60 USD
Lightweight bracelets - PABR001/2/4/5/6/
Sale! 30% off. Lightweight bracelets -...
$8.40 USD
Choker and Bracelet Set - PAST024
Sale! 30% off. Choker and Bracelet Set - PAST024
$55.70 USD
Butterfly choker-PANE023
Sale! 30% off. Butterfly choker-PANE023
$18.10 USD
Beaded bracelet.-PABR033A
Sale! 30% off. Beaded bracelet.-PABR033A
$13.90 USD
Four spiral bracelet - PABR027
Sale! 30% off. Four spiral bracelet - PABR027
$14.00 USD
Coral bracelet - PABR030
Sale! 30% off. Coral bracelet - PABR030
$20.90 USD
Rectangular blue Agate choker - PANE042
Sale! 30% off. Rectangular blue Agate choker -...
$25.10 USD
Oval turquoise choker - PANE039
Sale! 30% off. Oval turquoise choker - PANE039
$27.90 USD
Turquoise blue choker- PANE034
Sale! 30% off. Turquoise blue choker- PANE034
$27.90 USD
Round Onyx choke - PANE043
Sale! 30% off. Round Onyx choke - PANE043
$25.20 USD
 Spiral choker - PANE036
Sale! 30% off. Spiral choker - PANE036
$27.90 USD
Pyramid Maze Choker - PANE035
Sale! 30% off. Pyramid Maze Choker - PANE035
$27.90 USD
Seven Agates Choker.- PANE028
Sale! 30% off. Seven Agates Choker.- PANE028
$21.00 USD
Wire choker - PANE021
Sale! 30% off. Wire choker - PANE021
$34.90 USD
Textured Bracelet. - PABR025
Sale! 30% off. Textured Bracelet. - PABR025
$14.00 USD
Bracelet with four Czech crystals - PABR033
Sale! 30% off. Bracelet with four Czech...
$69.70 USD
Choker with White Woven Flower- PANE037
Sale! 30% off. Choker with White Woven Flower-...
$28.00 USD
six agates bracelet-PABR029
Sale! 30% off. six agates bracelet-PABR029
$21.00 USD
Adjustable Coral Ring - PARI001
Sale! 30% off. Adjustable Coral Ring - PARI001
$16.80 USD
Czech Crystals Bracelet. PABR022
Sale! 30% off. Czech Crystals Bracelet. PABR022
$34.90 USD
Cute necklace  -  ALNE006
Sale! 30% off. Cute necklace - ALNE006
$28.00 USD
Cameo Necklace - ALNE008
Sale! 30% off. Cameo Necklace - ALNE008
$35.00 USD
Versatile - ALNE009
Sale! 30% off. Versatile - ALNE009
$35.00 USD
Heart Necklace - ALNE003
Sale! 30% off. Heart Necklace - ALNE003
$28.00 USD
Knotted necklace - ALNE017
Sale! 30% off. Knotted necklace - ALNE017
$22.40 USD
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