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This clock is a redesigned version of my original Corner Clock. The difference is I was able to eliminate the two inner glass panels, with lighter zinc rebar constructed in a manner which makes this new product very solid and sturdy. Which also makes it easier to hang in the upper corner of a room. It is also less costly to produce, and ship; which is why I am able to sell these at a reduced rate.

The glass I chose for this piece is bordered with a dark, wood-grain look contrasted with a light beige. The upper clock-face field is kind of asparagus colored with thick glass globs representing the numerals, in royal blue. The lower quadrant is a yellow/orange mixture. The pendulum oval is an antique glass, with a wave of a splash of a light caramel color. Guaranteed that no two ovals windows are alike. A very, very unique piece of glass.

This clock has 45 individual, hand-cut pieces. It is designed to hang in the upper corner of a room. This clock is not made to sit on any table; unless the clock is properly anchored. The clock has a sturdy mounting bracket encased in solder, and is hung on a very strong nail (included). It is illuminated with a 9-watt LED bulb (included). The quartz clock movement with swinging pendulum, is operated by an AA size battery. The electric light cord is 12 feet long. Entire unit built by hand, and comes complete.

Piece is signed and dated, lightly etched in lower left hand corner of front panel. Barely visible.

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12.5 x 21.5 inches
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Stainedglass, quartz clock, light
Stainedglass clock
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Mar 14, 2017
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Mar 22, 2017
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Male or Female

Illuminated, Stainedglass Corner Clock with pendulum

$375.00 USD

Seller: Goby Glass Creations  
From Madison Township, PA, US

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