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A Creative Mind Plays With The Objects They Like"

jewelry making objects
As you know, pierced earrings come a dime a dozen. They're found in just about every department store. Well! Not the clip on earrings. It is very hard to find them, and when you do they are small and old fashion style. I donít have pierced ears and I know, oh too well, how difficult it has been for me, still today, to find the fashionable clip onís. I am sure many of you can relate.
I decided in 2015 to make a few pieces and, OMG they sold right away. I was then inspired to tap into this much-neglected market. Why didnít I think of this years ago? Especially during my party days. LOLOL.
I focus on high-end fashion style earrings as they are more often targeted towards specific niches. They have special design features that pierced earrings can not have due to weight and style. Oh! Yes, donít forget the classic hoops. Once I found the material and tools to make them. I am able to offer many of the same pieces that are in pierced styles without using the hideous converter kits.

WIGS "My Hair Illusions"
LACE WIGS! Well, that just happened as a result of experiences with my own hair challenges after coming out of 30+ years of chemical processing. Subsequently, I discovered the 'Lace Wigs'; hair that looked like it was growing out of your scalp. Wow! What a beautiful concept. Although the lace wigs had been readily available to the rich and famous as far back as the early 20th century, it was not until the mid-2000s they were being introduced to the mainstream society by local China wig retailers. Who, of course, knew nothing about them other than the price. I remember seeing a video in a store whereby the model Beverly Johnson, was showing how to attach the wig. I had reservations about her technique. So I purchased a lace wig and soon figured out how to attach it. OMG, lightweight, airy and looked my own hair. I decided then that this was a market I wanted to pursue. So I searched for knowledgeable people out of CHINA and learned everything about the trade.

China is still not an expert on these wigs. I had no Idea I would become as good as I am. Here I am 10 years later, I have truly mastered them. There are not any youtube videos or and wig stores that can come close to what I know and have learned about these wigs. I have experimented with maintaining; cleansing; applying, and repairing the most damaged hair ever. I am an expert! Customizing, Purchasing, Maintaining, Attaching and Repairing se wtheigs.

Thank you for taking the time to know a little about me. Have fun shopping in my store
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Gold Greek Hoop Clip On Earrings
New! Gold Greek Hoop Clip On Earrings
$15.00 USD
18" Brazilian Virgin Lace Front KinkyCurly -Wavy Curl #1-1B
New! 18" Brazilian Virgin Lace Front...
$320.00 USD
Semi Flat Round Hoop Clip On Earrings
New! Semi Flat Round Hoop Clip On...
$10.00 USD
18" Brazialian Virgin Lace Front #27
New! 18" Brazialian Virgin Lace Front #27
$325.00 USD
18"  Synthetic Braided Lace Front  #1-1B
New! 18" Synthetic Braided Lace Front...
$99.00 USD
Silver Tassels Clip On Earrings
Updated! Silver Tassels Clip On Earrings
$20.00 USD
Swirly Chandilier Drop Clip On Earrings. NWT
Updated! Swirly Chandilier Drop Clip On...
$45.00 USD
Swirly Flat Round Hoop Clip On Earrings
Updated! Swirly Flat Round Hoop Clip On Earrings
$18.00 USD
Bronze Swirly Textured Round Dangle Clip-On Earrings
Updated! Bronze Swirly Textured Round Dangle...
$22.00 USD
Golden cutout Fashion Clip On Earrings. NWT
Updated! Golden cutout Fashion Clip On...
$15.00 USD
14" Malaysian Virgin Full Lace - 4" SilkTop
Updated! 14" Malaysian Virgin Full Lace - 4"...
$375.00 USD
18" Full Lace -Full Silk Base Cap
Updated! 18" Full Lace -Full Silk Base Cap
$1400.00 USD
18" Virgin Hair -Lace Front -Nat Staight
Updated! 18" Virgin Hair -Lace Front -Nat...
$260.00 USD
  • 13 Items.
  •  Displaying: 1 - 13.
Handmade Store: Feel N Sassy

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Due to the nature of health and sanitary concerns, there are absolutely NO returns on any wigs. *Custom orders are designed and produced specially for you. Please note, the time it takes to prepare a lace wig is anywhere from 48-80 hours. This process is tedious and involves serious eye strain. Please be patient for your order. Once you have placed your custom order, I will advise the process time as well as shipping time.

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