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My Niche is the Clip-On Earrings, Fashions, and Lace Wigs.

Handmade Store: Feel N Sassy

'A Creative Minds Play With The Objects They Like"
WHAT AM I GOOD AT? I have a knack for creating just about anything. My mind is always in the creative mode, even when I am washing dishes. Music is one ultimate high for me, as it gets all of my creative energy flowing; so much so that I can't keep up with all of my ideas that flow through my head. I come from a family of creative people. Dad was a famous singer, 1 grandmother made clothes for celebrity singers, one sister is a painter, a brother draws and artistic, another sister sings and writes. Then there is me; Designing, drawing, sewing, singing.

I was first inspired to make fashions when I was a little girl. I only liked the barbie and I made all of her clothes by hand. Once I got to junior high school, I learned to use a sewing machine and started making clothes for my friend's. By the time high school rolled around I was making men's 3 piece suits, winter coats/hats and learning fashion illustration. My sewing teacher entered me into a worldwide fashion design contest through FDIM (Fashion Institue of Design and Merchandise) Subsequently, I became a semi-finalist. I did not pursue the fashion designing, Instead, I ended up utilizing my creative energy in renovating and home building. All of which lead me right back to my passion.

I found another niche about three years ago. “CLIP-ON EARRINGS”. Pierced earrings, they come a dime a dozen. Not the clip on. It is very hard to find them, and when you do, they are small and unfashionable.Personally, I have spent my entire life searching for earrings to wear, you see, I do not have pierced ears, I know too well, how difficult it is to find them. But it wasn't until recently that I came up with an idea and interesting techniques to create high fashion style in a clip-on. I am sure many of you can relate. Well! This has inspired me, after all these years, to tap into this much-neglected market. Oh! don’t forget the classic hoops. I have those too. Many of which you will never find in any boutique or major dept store.

LACE WIGS is one of my past times because I wear them myself. I started experimenting with wigs in an attempt to free my natural hair from the 30 years of abuse from perming and hot curling. I had to learn the business and the craft of hand making them because I quickly discovered there was a lack of information available about these wigs. Although the lace wigs had been existing since the 19th century, It wasn't until early/mid-2000 that they were introduced to the mainstream society via China. The wig retailers know very little and will never consult with you on your purchase. My training has come from the best manufacturers, one of which is located in California, the other 2 are in CHINA. The last 10 years have been very rewarding, I have provided many beautiful wigs in all types of colors, styles, etc. I know how to care for them and proud to be considered an expert in my business of wig making.

Thank you for taking the time to know a little about me. Have fun shopping in my store
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Handmade Store: Feel N Sassy

General Shipping Policy:

All items will be shipped in packaging to prevent any damages. I am not responsible for carrier delays

Returns & Refunds:

No Refunds- Earrings, accessories are non- returnable and made in limited quantity and can not be exchanged.

I do allow Custom cancellations on customized items only. may Cancellation must be made in the first 24 hours of making your initial payment/deposit. (payments are refunded immediately upon cancellation.) Be sure before you buy. Review the order details before confirming your order. Upon receipt of your initial deposit/full payment, it is understood and agreed by the buyer that the purchase is confirmed and cannot be canceled after the 24 hour cancellation period.

Due to the nature of health and sanitary concerns, there are absolutely NO returns on any wigs. *Custom orders are designed and produced specially for you. I CANNOT accept cancellations, returns, or refunds once you have placed a custom order and the 24 hour period ha past. Please note, the time it takes to prepare a lace wig is anywhere from 48-80 hours when there are multiple people working on the item. The time is longer when the only person is producing a custom wig. This process is tedious and involves serious eye strain. Please be patient for your order. Once you have placed your custom order, I will advise the process time as well as shipping time.

Payment Methods:

Personal cheque, Certified cheque, Money order,

Accepting credit card payments through PayPal.