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sachets and doilies

Sachets and doilies

Handmade Store: Cindys Loft

Handmade Victorian crocheted doilies, beaded doilies, heart sachets, beaded scarves, made just for you at Cindy's Loft, by Cindy, in all sizes and colors. All sachets are made with pure fixatives, oils, herbs and botanicals.
Custom orders are welcomed. Most all fragrances are available. If I don't have yours in stock it will be several weeks until your order is ready. I will have to buy the oil; then make the herbal filler. This must sit to absorb the oils which takes at least 2 weeks and sometimes longer. I have many fragrances already made and ready to go and if you choose one of these, I can have it in the mail in 1-2 days.
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White 5"X2" Sachet-'Blueberry Cobbler' Scent-Cindy's Loft-602
New! White 5"X2" Sachet-'Blueberry...
$5.00 USD
8 Inch Shades of Turquoise Doily-Cotton Doily-Cindy's Loft
New! 8 Inch Shades of Turquoise...
$15.00 USD
Lime Green/Lavender Doily-12.5" Doily-Cotton Doily-Cindy's Loft
New! Lime Green/Lavender Doily-12.5"...
$23.00 USD
Lime Green/Lavender Doily-8" Doily-Cotton Doily-Cindy's Loft
New! Lime Green/Lavender Doily-8"...
$15.00 USD
Easter Pink/Lavender Doily-16" Doily-Cotton Doily-Cindy's Loft
Easter Pink/Lavender Doily-16" Doily-Cotton...
$26.00 USD
Easter 4"X2" Sachet-'Floral Violet' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-145
Easter 4"X2" Sachet-'Floral Violet'...
$4.50 USD
Easter 5"X2" Sachet-'Spring Rain' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-437
Easter 5"X2" Sachet-'Spring Rain'...
$5.00 USD
Easter 4"X2" Sachet-' Violet & Birch' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-620
Easter 4"X2" Sachet-' Violet & Birch'...
$4.50 USD
Easter Ivory 4"X2" Sachet-'Lavender' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-237
Easter Ivory 4"X2" Sachet-'Lavender'...
$4.50 USD
Easter Pink 3X2 Sachet-'Fruit Slices' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-576
Easter Pink 3X2 Sachet-'Fruit Slices'...
$3.50 USD
Easter Blue 3X2 Sachet-'Baby Powder' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-404
Easter Blue 3X2 Sachet-'Baby Powder'...
$4.50 USD
Yellow Easter 3X2 Sachet-'Fruit Slice'' Scent-Cindy's Loft-197
Yellow Easter 3X2 Sachet-'Fruit Slice''...
$3.50 USD
Easter 4"X2" Sachet-'Apples 'n Oak' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-533
Easter 4"X2" Sachet-'Apples 'n Oak'...
$4.50 USD
Easter Yellow 4"X2" Sachet-'Spring Blossom' Fragrance-234
Easter Yellow 4"X2" Sachet-'Spring Blossom'...
$3.50 USD
Easter Green 3"X2" Sachet-'Berry Crush' Scent-Cindy's Loft-443
Easter Green 3"X2" Sachet-'Berry Crush'...
$3.50 USD
Easter 3"x2" Sachet-'Easter Bunny Burps' Fragrance-Holiday-357
Easter 3"x2" Sachet-'Easter Bunny Burps'...
$3.50 USD
Easter Green 3"X2" Sachet-Strawberry Kiwi Fragrance-566
Easter Green 3"X2" Sachet-Strawberry Kiwi...
$3.50 USD
Easter Pink 3X2 Sachet-'Cherry Almond' Fragrance-711
Easter Pink 3X2 Sachet-'Cherry Almond'...
$3.50 USD
Easter Pink 3"X2" Sachet-'Raspberry Lemonade' Fragrance-285
Easter Pink 3"X2" Sachet-'Raspberry Lemonade'...
$3.50 USD
Easter 3"X2" Sachet-'Easter Bunny Burps' Scent-Cindy's Loft-167
Easter 3"X2" Sachet-'Easter Bunny Burps'...
$3.50 USD
Easter Blue 4"X2" Sachet-'Pink Lime' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-015
Easter Blue 4"X2" Sachet-'Pink Lime'...
$4.50 USD
Easter White 4"X2" Sachet-'Persian Lime Blossom' Fragrance-625
Easter White 4"X2" Sachet-'Persian Lime...
$4.50 USD
Shades Pink/Lavender Doily-6.5" Doily-Spring Doily-Cindy's Loft
Shades Pink/Lavender Doily-6.5" Doily-Spring...
$13.00 USD
Turquoise Doily-13.5" Doily-HandCrocheted Doily-Cindy's Loft
Turquoise Doily-13.5" Doily-HandCrocheted...
$21.00 USD
Burgundy Doily-11 inch Doily-HandCrocheted Doily-Cindy's Loft
Burgundy Doily-11 inch Doily-HandCrocheted...
$15.00 USD
Ivory 4"X2" Sachet-'Raspberry Delight' Fragrance-Unisex-645
Ivory 4"X2" Sachet-'Raspberry Delight'...
$4.50 USD
Black 4"X2" Sachet-'Forbidden Fruit' Fragrance-Unisex-323
Black 4"X2" Sachet-'Forbidden Fruit'...
$4.50 USD
Blue Green 5"X2" Sachet-'Sea Petals' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-082
Blue Green 5"X2" Sachet-'Sea Petals'...
$5.00 USD
Light Yellow 4"X2" Sachet-'Plum' Fragrance-Otter Sachet-302
Light Yellow 4"X2" Sachet-'Plum'...
$4.50 USD
Pink 5"X2" Sachet-'Sugar Plum Fairy' Fragrance-Cindy's Loft-310
Pink 5"X2" Sachet-'Sugar Plum Fairy'...
$5.00 USD
Blue 5"X2" Sachet-'Hot Buttered Rum' Scent-Cindy's Loft-249
Blue 5"X2" Sachet-'Hot Buttered Rum'...
$5.00 USD
Lavender Doily-16" Pastel Doily-HandCrocheted Doily-Cindy's Loft
Lavender Doily-16" Pastel Doily-HandCrocheted...
$25.00 USD
 Blue/Purple 4"X2" Sachet-'Classic Lavender' Scent-Paisley-565
Blue/Purple 4"X2" Sachet-'Classic Lavender'...
$4.50 USD
Bright Green Doily-18" Doily-Hand Crocheted Doily-Cindy's Loft
Bright Green Doily-18" Doily-Hand Crocheted...
$30.00 USD
Turquoise 4"X2" Sachet-'Peach Delight' Fragrance-Owl Sachet-241
Turquoise 4"X2" Sachet-'Peach Delight'...
$4.50 USD
 Blue 4"X2" Sachet-'Classic Lavender' Scent-Flower Fairies-050
Blue 4"X2" Sachet-'Classic Lavender'...
$4.50 USD
Teal 4"X2" Sachet-'Honey Pear Cider' Fragrance-Giraffe/Bird-692
Teal 4"X2" Sachet-'Honey Pear Cider'...
$4.50 USD
Lime Green/Salmon Doily-8" Doily-Pineapple Doily-Cindy's Loft
Lime Green/Salmon Doily-8" Doily-Pineapple...
$15.00 USD
Pink 3"X2" Sachet-'Deb's Flower Shop' Scent-Cindy's Loft-155
Pink 3"X2" Sachet-'Deb's Flower Shop'...
$3.50 USD
Blue 4"X2" Sachet-'White Peach & Silk Blossoms' Fragrance-220
Blue 4"X2" Sachet-'White Peach & Silk Blossoms'...
$4.50 USD
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