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Hand made jewelry

Handmade Store: Casa de Noriega

I am honored to hand make just for you my own unique fashion jewelry. I specialize in earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I try to find the best quality materials to use in my creations and yet still be able to sell to you at a reasonable price.
I try to blend into each of my creations a sense of wonder and intrigue style from the many different places in the world I have been fortunate enough to visit. As much as I can I use real stone beads from China and the desert southwest of the United States.
In many of my creations I will make use of authentic coins from Europe, Mexico and South America. Some of the coins that in incorporate in to my designs are more than a 100 years old. There is something really special about touching an item that has been past on, hand to hand, for over a century. One can only imagine all of the places these coins might have traveled through.
In other designs, I will use genuine sea shells and shell pieces. My personal favorite shell is the Cowrie. They can be small (less than one half inch or larger than 6 inches) and come with unique color patterns. They are truly like a little jewel wonderfully silky smooth yet hard as ceramic and perfect for use in jewelry. Take a look and I think that you will be intrigued and delighted with what you see here at Casa de Noriega.
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Handmade Store: Casa de Noriega

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